Barrett is looking for revenge after the death of his best friend. Revenge on the mysterious figure who not only killed his friend but stole his powers in the process. The situation looks grim, forcing Barrett to look back on the mistakes he has made over the years. He decides to revisit the people and events of his past in an attempt to make Amends.


Real Name - Barrett

Age - 45

Status - Active

Powers – Alloy can turn his skin into an unknown indestructible alloy similar to steel. In this form he has increased strength and endurance.

Note – Alloy is so dedicated to being a hero, that it has consumed his entire life.


Real Name - Samuel

Age - 46

Status – Active

Powers – Surge has the ability to produce and manipulate an energy capable of increasing his natural abilities.

Note - Surge is the founder of an unofficial group of young heroes who over the years have protected the city from various threats.

Freezer Burn

Real Name - April

Age – 44

Status – Retired

Powers – Freezer Burn has the ability to produce both fire and ice from her body.

Note - April grew tired of the superhero life and decided to retire and settle down.


Real Name – Curtis

Age – 45

Status – Retired

Power – Breakneck has the ability to run and react at super speeds.

Note – After an accident, Curtis retired from being a superhero opting to lead a normal life.


Real Name – Garrison

Age - 46

Status – Retired

Power – Airborne has the power of flight. In addition to flight, his physique is at peak human level.

Note – Airborne is very sure of himself. He believes he is the best and should be treated as such.

Bulk Up

Real Name – Joey

Age - 44

Status – Public Figure

Power – Bulk Up has the ability to transform into a muscle form. In this form his strength and durability increase exponentially.

Note – Joey has always been more interested in the money and fame to be had from his powers as opposed to protecting.  


Real Name - Unknown

Age - Unknown

Status - Active

Power – He possesses super strength and durability to which the limits are unknown. He also has the ability to steal the powers from others.

Note – His motivations are a mystery. He appears to enjoy the suffering he causes others.