George - Book 1

It's the anniversary of the black out. The normally unsafe streets are about to erupt into chaos. People know that to leave your home is a death wish. Unfortunately for George he has no choice...He is out of oatmeal.

Character Bio's


Age: 25 | Sex: Male | Height: 5’11 | Weight: 185 lbs


George lost his parents in the events of the blackout. At the age of sixteen he was left alone at the end of the catastrophe to survive the new world filled with selfishness and violence. Years later, George has become bitter and untrusting. He likes no one, with the exception of Mrs. Anderson.


Age: 23 | Sex: Female | Height: 5’7 | Weight: 135 lbs


Christine survived the blackout with her older brother Jeff. The two have been travelling from town to town trying to find a place to stay with little luck.  Despite what the world has become, Christine remains hopeful that things will get better. Together with her positive attitude and unique skill set, she navigates the chaos that has become every day life.

Mrs. Anderson

Age: 74 | Sex: Female | Height: 5’2 | Weight: 120 lbs


Mrs. Anderson is an elderly woman living on her own down the hall from George. She lived in her current apartment with her husband who passed away shortly before the events of the blackout. Stubborn and strong willed, she refused to back down to the Assholes. She is sick and George helps her by getting her supplies and medicine. She is the only person George likes.


Age: Varies | Sex: Varies | Height: Varies | Weight: Varies


Following the massive destruction and loss of lives caused by the blackout, people were scared, angry and in mourning. Some people decided to try and rebuild. Small communities began to form. With the good comes the bad. Others decided take the chaos and run with it. These are the Assholes. Anyone who would not think twice to rob you, beat you or worse is considered an Asshole.